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Upmap Termignoni Ducati Supersport 939 35KW A2 2017-2018


New product

The kit UpMap, reference T800-SL010571-DUSS93935KW-17 (buetooth T800 unit  + cable) is dedicated to the Ducati Supersport 939 for years 2017 and 2018. In the "MORE INFO" section, discover the different maps available depending of the configuration of your Ducati Supersport 939...

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334,11 EUR


428,34 EUR

More info

... connect your UpMap kit to thru the diag plug to your bike ECU, choose the best map with the UpMap application installed on your smartphone and load yourself the map in your ECU...

...And thus find the best power for your Ducati Supersport 939 (17-19).

  • The map SS939-EU4-17-D181-FR brings the best performance to the Ducati Supersport 939 (17-19) equipped with the line / exhaust system Termignoni D181 (complete reference D18109440ITC) without dB-killer. In this configuration, the maximum power reaches 105.4 hp at 9200 rpm and the maximum torque is 8.95 Kgm at 80000 rpm
  • The map SS939-EU4-17-D181-FD brings the best performance to the Ducati Supersport 939 (17-19) equipped withthe line / exhaust system Termignoni (complete reference D18109440ITC) with dB-killer. In this configuration, the maximum power reaches 103.3 hp at 9200 rpm and the maximum torque 8.84 Kgm at 80000 rpm.
  • The map SS939-EU4-17-OEM brings the best performance to the Ducati Supersport 939 (17-19) fully stock. In this configuration, the maximum power reaches 101.11 hp at 9100 rpm and the maximum torque 8.80 Kgm at 7800 rpm.

UpMap, what is this ?

  •  The UpMap system includes an hardware part consisting of the unit T800, a cable to connect the unit to the bike and a software accessible via the Internet and a smartphone.
  • The T800 unit must be connected to the original control unit (ECU) of the bike via the diagnostic socket, it allows the communication (Bluetooth protocol) between the smartphone and the. The T800 is only used for communication during the loading phase of the map file. This is why it is not necessary to leave the T800 connected and installed on the bike outside the loading phases of the map files.
  • The application UpMap is accessible from the smartphone connected to Internet.
  • At the first connexion between the T800 and the original ECI, the T800 is reading the serial n° of the ECU and these 2 devices will be associated.  Later on, it will not be possible to connect and use the T800 on a different vehicle.
  • The UpMap kit includes a T800 unit box and its cable for communication with the bike. It includes also the first map fredd to choose in the catalog of UpMap maps. In case the user wants to install a different cartography, he must purchase it via the UpMap application.
  • With UpMap, performances are improved, often very clearly while fuel consumption is reduced.
  • The UpMap application allows the user to create his profile, with his machine(s), to choose for each one the map best suited to his wishes, his driving style or his type of use. The user can, as many times as he wants, ride in the "UpMap" configuration or return his vehicle to the standard configuration in just a few seconds using his smartphone wherever he is.
  • For each new application, Termignoni gives the greatest care to the development of the new cartographies, it is indeed the real added value of the product.
  • This exceptional quality of the maps avoids, as it's the case with products such as Rapid Bike, Power Commander or Bazzaz, an expensive tuning on the dyno bench at your tuning center. When you know the price per hour at the power bench, on arrival, the bill can be salty! With UpMap, there are no surprise on the price side and it works!
  • No time lost disassembling the fairing of the bike, no remaining additional unit, no wiring or beams to install (the space sometimes lacking cruelly ...), no connection to modify which turn sooner or later as to be many risks of breakdowns.
  • There is probably an UpMap application for your bike, whether in the original configuration, equipped with a Termignoni exhaust or from another brand (Akrapovic, Arrow, Leo Vince, Yoshimura).