You will find in this category exceptional products on sale. With for example what improve the engine performance of your Honda CRF 250 or 450, your Kawasaki KXF 250 or your Yamaha YZF 250: camshafts, valve springs or special air box.

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    You will find in this category parts intended to improve the performances of you sx / MX bike : engine parts or suspensions. We have still available few products for Honda CRF 250 or 450, Kawasaki KXF 250 and Yamaha YZF 250.


    You will find in this category the CNC products of the Italian brand Performance Technology. These parts are machined from aeronautical grade aluminum and have been anodized to provide protection against oxidation. The Performance Technology range includes axial or radial brake calipers, fork leg kits with radial callipers for converting the braking system of certain bikes, footrest kits, steering damper mounting kits and alloy-nylon frame protectors.


    A know-how forged by the experience on the track which made it possible to realize a range of additional units and accessories answering all the requirements: such is the history of the success of the mark Rapid Bike, recognized like a real specialist of reprogramming of two-wheelers.

    Developed from its previous experiences in the field of motorcycle, Rapid Bike offers since 2004 a range of additional boxes for the reprogramming of the parameters that intervene directly in the management of the engine, without any modification of the original box.

    The Rapid Bike line currently offers the following solutions:

    • RAPID BIKE EASY, equipped with a microprocessor to act directly on the lambda sensor signal and optimize the air / fuel ratio, improve the efficiency of the engine and eliminate the power holes of the torque, especially at low and medium revs,

    • RAPID BIKE EVO, which allows a complete control of the carburation thanks to the management of all the original injectors (up to eight) and the corresponding air / fuel ratio, so that the mapping can be modified injection throughout the engine power curve,

    • RAPID BIKE RACING the most advanced case to push your bike to the top of its performance, thanks to popular solutions both on track and on the road. Developed from Rapid Bike EVO standards, the RACING unit has been designed to handle additional functions that make it a point of reference for racing.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items