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Rapid Bike Easy reference KRBEA-010

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Rapid Bike Easy KRBEA-010 can be fitted on :

KAWASAKI D-Tracker 125, KLX 125, KLX 250, Ninja 250 SL, Z 250 SL, ZX6R (07-08), ZX6R (09-14), ZX6R (13-15), W800, VN 900 Vulcan, ZX10 R (07),  ZX10 R (08-10), ZX10 R (11-15), GTR 1400, ZZR 1400, VN 1700 Vulcan.

Rapid Bike EASY add-on electronic module is equipped with a microprocessor managing directly the lambda sensor signal to optimize the air/fuel ratio, improve the engine efficiency and eliminate the torque and power gaps typical of the low and medium rpm.

Install your EASY module to the stock lambda sensor connector and check for operating status thanks to a led. Now you are ready for the module fine-tuning: this is a very simple procedure (using two easily accessible trimmers) without any need for additional software operations.

EASY add-on module can manage up to two lambda sensors, and it is designed especially for motorbikes with a standard configuration.


Improve power delivery while keeping fuel consumption under control!

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